Subscribe on Android for Developers


Web and Android developers are encouraged to use this Subscribe on Android resource as it provides and supports the simple, one-click subscription option for Android.

Subscribe on Android supports both http and https protocols as well as host names with port numbers. The Subscribe URL itself is simplistic, there is no need to make any special API calls in your app. All of the information your app will need to subscribe to a podcast is there in the URL from the intent filter.

Android Podcast Application Developers

Android podcast applications are welcome to incorporate the one-click subscribe links. Please follow the instructions below to add our unique intent filter to your application.

Intent Filters

Android podcasting apps can add the following intent filter to support subscribe links.

<intent-filter android:label="Your App Name">
	<action android:name="android.intent.action.VIEW" />
	<category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />
	<category android:name="android.intent.category.BROWSABLE" />
	<data android:pathPattern=".*\\..*/.*" />
	<data android:host="" />
	<data android:host="" />
	<data android:host="*" />
	<data android:scheme="http" />
	<data android:scheme="https" />

Note: it is imperative that the pathPattern above is used. This allows non-subscribe URLs to continue to load in the browser.

When your application receives the intent filter object, you can retrieve the URL from the intent.getDataString() function call. Simply remove "" or "" from the URL to unveil the podcast feed URL.


Remove http:// ""

Final URL:

Note: You must parse both and variations from the intent.getDataString function call.

Get your App listed on Subscribe on Android

Please send the following information to cio [at] rawvoice dot com:

  • Application Title
  • URL to application on Google Play
  • URL to application on Amazon App Store
  • URL to your website (if available)
  • Cost of app (Free or paid)
  • URL to high-res app icon, which should be a square 512 x 512 px png image

If you have multiple applications, please send a separate email for each application.

Web Developers

Web developers are welcome to create Subscribe On Android links and buttons.

Example Podcast feed:

Separate the scheme from the URL to a podcast feed.


Add "" between the scheme and remaining URL.

http:// + +

The Subscribe-on-Android URL will have the following format:

Both http:// and https:// protocols are supported.